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The Designers Source for Custom Solid Wood Tables & Tops

We offer quality handcrafted tables and custom made hardwood table tops to the trade

custom made hardwood table tops handcrafted in any size and thickness

At Custom Table Craft, we perform in offering heirloom quality table tops and tables in a production woodworking shop using only the finest kiln dried hardwoods to assure quality.

From the hardwood selection & machining through finishing and shipping, we are diligent. Our quality solid wood products exceed industry standards and our crafts-persons treat each table and top as a showpiece which will be apparent to your clients and customers. We offer live edge tables and hardwood tops ranging from simple two top restaurant tops to kitchen island and counter tops to large slab dining, conference tables & desk tops and solid work surfaces. Our hardwood top products are available in nearly any size, thickness and in any non-endangered hardwood species such as Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Sapele Mahogany, Hard Maple, White Oak, Hickory and more.

Dependable quality from a supplier of solid wood surfaces, tables and table tops

Quality Tables & Tops with lead times that will impress your residential and commercial clients

Our "to the trade" hardwood tops, solid surfaces and tables offer superior quality and profitability to our select vendors and distribution partners.

Our dealers, interior designers and hospitality suppliers rely on our quality, pricing and dedication to protecting their interests and time investment. Our lead times, pricing and quality allow for both profitability and for satisfied clients. We strive to assure that our representatives, designers and distribution partners can depend on the our handcrafted quality, impressive lead times and our wholesale pricing structure. As a wholesale supplier of solid hardwood tops and tables, we offer our clients a quality product that enhances their ability to secure new business and to keep current clients coming back.

Wholesale pricing & on time delivery with the superior quality you will appreciate representing

A Durable and Easy Care Finish that will endure, never yellow and will never allow water rings

We use the finest 2k polyurethane finish on every table and table top for long term durability, easy maintenance and eye appeal.

Our finishes are made in Italy and offer the latest technological advancements in hardwood protection. The polyurethanes, sealers and any underlying stains work together to create a minimally thick finish that will leave the grain apparent in most hardwoods yet offer the greatest protection available. We use matte and satin sheen levels for most of our tops and tables and find that most clients prefer the easy care and non marking properties of these sheen levels. Our finishes do not off-gas, are fully cured within hours and we do guarantee that our finish will never yellow, crack or allow water rings.

Our solid wood tops are finished to both protect the solid wood and to provide long term durability